Labor law II

Our offer related to labor law also includes handling staff cases in courts, both for the clients who are employees and for those who are employers.
The majority of the cases we have conducted concerned the appeal against a termination notice, or disciplinary termination of an employment contract.

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Labor law

We have performed legal due diligence related to labor law in companies of different sizes (in which employment ranged from several to several hundred persons), with varying employment characteristics, e.g. in a pharmaceutical company, a construction company, or a manufacturing company.

Our assistance consisted in indicating what could be improved, and in suggesting the new legal solutions matching the manner of work performance in a given company and particular job descriptions.

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Capital transformations

Our lawyers have also offered legal assistance related to the broadly defined capital transformations of limited companies, supervising the transactions, among others connected with:

• mergers of companies,
• division of companies,
• transformation of companies,
• sale of enterprises,
• sale of shares and stock,
• sale of individual assets of companies,
• increasing or reducing the share capital of companies.

Each of these transactions supported by the lawyers from our Law Firm on request of the client, was preceded by the thorough legal due diligence, in order to examine the current legal status of the company, and to identify the potential legal risks which could affect the whole undertaking.

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Legal due diligence

The lawyers from our Law Firm have many times conducted legal due diligence of entities operating in different industries. The objective of the legal due diligence consists in the analysis of the current legal status of a company in order to identify the potential legal risks which may affect the negotiations with other entities, or the implementation of the planned investment projects.

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Project consultancy services

Legal services for one of the members of the consortium of the General Contractor of the following projects:

1. Expansion of the “Czajka” sewage treatment plant – the sewage section and the preparation of sludge for disposal. The net value of the agreement amounted to EUR 200,000,000.00 and PLN 1,151,793,155.00 PLN (ca 519 million Euros). The contract was partially funded by the Provincial Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund.
2. Construction of the Station for Thermal Treatment of Sewage Sludge as part of the contract titled: Modernization and expansion of the “Czajka” sewage treatment plant (thermal treatment of sewage sludge). The net value of the agreement amounted to EUR 102,766,753.09. The contract was partially funded by the Cohesion Fund.

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