Labor law II

Our offer related to labor law also includes handling staff cases in courts, both for the clients who are employees and for those who are employers.

The majority of the cases we have conducted concerned the appeal against a termination notice, or disciplinary termination of an employment contract.

We have also represented our clients in other cases, among others an employer sued in a case for stating the existence of the employment relationship instead of the relationship under a contract of mandate, and for compensation in connection with discrimination.

This case involved circumstances which adversely affected our Client, namely the fine imposed on him by the National Labor Inspectorate (PIP) as a result of the previously conducted inspection, and the opinion of the NLI inspector according to which our Client violated the law.

In spite of the disadvantageous opinion of the NLI, the existence of the employment relationship was not stated, no compensation was awarded, and the action was dismissed at first and second instance.

Employees’ matters – representation before courts

In particular, while representing clients before courts, we:

  • reliably inform the clients about the chances of winning a given case,
  • we work out the proceedings strategy – the choice of argumentation, evidence (documents, witnesses),
  • we draft the relevant procedural documents containing the legal argumentation and the presentation of motions as to evidence,
  • we represent the client in the courtroom, we file the motions as to evidence, and the procedural motions, we ask questions to witnesses and parties,
  • on behalf of the client we conduct negotiations concerning a possible settlement agreement.


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