Legal due diligence

The lawyers from our Law Firm have many times conducted legal due diligence of entities operating in different industries.

The objective of the legal due diligence consists in the analysis of the current legal status of a company in order to identify the potential legal risks which may affect the negotiations with other entities, or the implementation of the planned investment projects.

In particular, the legal due diligence includes the analysis of:

  • the corporate issues (connected with the organization and functioning of the company),
  • the agreements concluded with the members of the authorities of the entity, partners, shareholders, and affiliated entities,
  • the employee issues,
  • the liabilities of the company,
  • the agreements with contractors,
  • the issues connected with the intellectual property rights,
  • the administrative and legal obligations,
  • the judicial and administrative proceedings.

We also focus on the analysis of the issues related to the nature of the company’s business operations.

Each legal due diligence ends in drafting a report including all legal risks (which are grouped according to their gravity – from minor to high) detected in the course of the due diligence. The final report also contains the recommendations aimed at neutralizing the detected risks, as well as the suggested solutions which may improve the functioning of the company and safeguard its interests in a better way.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the legal due diligence of health care companies. In the case of the entities representing this field, the analysis dealt not only with the above-listed general issues, but also with all aspects connected with the health care business, including, in particular:

  • the documentation concerning the entry in the register of health care entities,
  • the documentation confirming the fulfillment of the special requirements of the acts and of the regulations of the Minister of Health,
  • the administrative issues connected with the nature of business of the health care entity,
  • the health care services agreements concluded with the National Health Fund (NFZ), as well as the agreements concluded with subcontractors,
  • the documents confirming the qualifications, and the current training of the staff.